You Don’t Have to End in Foreclosure!

There is Hope


The tragedy is that so many homeowners simply do not know all the options that might be available to them and they end up, unnecessarily, losing their homes simply because they did not know who to call.  Becky Flowers  has a team ready to help, with the primary purpose of providing solutions for the distressed homeowner who is, for whatever reason, potentially facing foreclosure. There are many contributors to the current nationwide foreclosure epidemic and many reasons why a homeowner might fall behind on their mortgage payments:

  • An interest Rate Jump
  • An Increase in Property Taxes
  • Separation or Divorce
  • A Medical Hardship
  • Loss of job or reduction in pay
  • Declining Property Values
  • Job Transfer -

Over the last 8 years we have worked with homeowners and their banks to find a mutually beneficial solution to avoid foreclosure. Our single purpose and hope is to reach each and every homeowner who is in this difficult situation, to educate them on their options, and then to see how we might work together to find a solution that best fits their situation and needs.   

We work closely with an ever-growing number of mortgage lenders across the country to negotiate a mutually agreeable solution for both the homeowner and the bank.  There is no cost or risk to the homeowner and, while we cannot guarantee any particular outcome, we do commit ourselves to giving each and every situation our full attention and to making every effort possible to turn every situation into another success story for us all. 

We work with homeowners in all kinds of situations, any price range, any condition with or without equity. We also provide this service, free to you. Our goal is to help you save your credit by avoiding a foreclosure and help you move on with your life.


To learn more about us and what we can do for you, we invite you to give us a call. Because of the urgency of the situation, we encourage you to contact us, as soon as possible, so we might start working together to find an alternative foreclosure solution that will save your credit from the ramifications of foreclosure. Call us today for a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL consultation with our knowlegeable and caring specialists. 

303-887-3558. We look forward to working FOR you!

Our Warmest Regards ~

Becky Flowers