When it came time to sell our home, the housing market slide had put us $30,000 upside down in our mortgage.  We had heard of the short sale, but we didn't know much about it.  We also knew that living in an income restricted neighborhood and having two mortgages would complicate things.  Becky was extremely professional and knowledgeable, and she helped us feel confident in the process.  During the next year and a half, Becky worked tirelessly for us.  We went through 5 different contracts and 4 different foreclosure dates.  Becky worked hard to coordinate and negotiate between the two banks, making sure the negotiators stayed focused on our contract.  She also made sure our foreclosure dates were pushed back so we didn't lose our home.  Even when one of our buyers lied on his taxes and another was arrested before we could close, Becky never gave up until we finally closed on our home.  THANK YOU BECKY FOR SAVING OUR CREDIT!

Scott and Amy Graves