September 27, 2007  


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Centennial, Colorado 90112


ATTENTION:  Office Manager


 The Denver housing market is one of the worst in the country.  I placed my house on the market in late March 2007 with another “highly rated” real estate company.  I got zero results, and was very upset with the lack of service I received. So when that contract ended 3 wasted months later I promptly searched for a new agent with outstanding results, friendly service and was willing to work in my behalf no matter what the market situation was.  Many homes were listed to sell in my complex, but only one had a SOLD sign on it, and that was with Becky Flowers. 


I then and there decided this is the Real Estate agent for me! If she can sell a home in this market she is doing something right!!  So I called Becky.  I immediately felt at ease with her friendly personality, and professional mannerism.  She was very confident in telling me she could sell my house, no doubt. She gave me a few pointers, and we wrote up our contract the same day.


Becky was always one step ahead of me on everything!! She was like Raider on M.A.S.H; she could read my mind and was on it before I could ask the question, extremely organized, and I loved that!  She was easy to talk to, available 24/7 with answers and solutions to my many questions.  It was not long before we got a cash offer!! However, this buyer was very high maintenance, picky and demanding.  But Becky remained calm and we worked through it together.  She reassured me this buyer was paying cash, which was a better deal for me, and we had to do whatever it takes to keep this buyer from walking away from this sale.  Becky was in the crawl spaces, and paint cans along with electricians, and repairmen, offering solutions and recommendations on minor repairs found at inspection.

Becky was truly a lifesaver throughout this very stressful process.  She made me feel at ease, and reassured me it was all right, and it would all fall into place, and it did!!  Throughout this whole experience Becky has become a friend.  I really treasure her friendship and, I highly appreciate her professional expertise. 


I have, and will continue to recommend Becky to friends, neighbors, and co-workers in the Denver/Aurora area who have also had their houses on the market with no results.  She is indeed a great and valuable asset to your organization.  I highly recommend a raise be in order for all her over-and-beyond efforts in working with, and in behalf of her clients in getting them what they are requesting.  She came through with flying colors for me!  If possible, I may use her to purchase my next home even if I am out of state.  Please treat her kindly; she is a sweetheart, and one of your best agents.  She has definitely earned her respect!!!



Maria D. Moya




Property Sold:

7370 E. Florida Ave, #1058

Denver, CO 80231

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Albuquerque, New Mexico 87114