March 2010

Becky Flowers Praises

My husband and I were married 2 ½ years ago and both owned our own condos. We moved in together after the marriage and decided to purchase a house, Becky was our realtor.   We began the process in September and finally closed February 5, 2010. 

The whole process took a lot longer than it should have everything that could go possibly go wrong went WRONG!!  The bank processing the loan had us resent documents we had already sent, it took practically a month for all the documents to get organized then it went to underwriting where it stayed for a crazy amount of time again!!!  Becky was wonderful thorough the process, encouraging and even pushing the bank in our behalf to hurry things along. 

We finally got word that they wanted to deny our application because of 2 different reasons and once again Becky went to bat for us and asked them what could be done to make this work.  She told me” Don’t worry; I don’t give up that easily”.  So we waited a long time again, and long story short we finally have our dream home!! We have been here a month and it is finally sinking in how fortunate we are to finally have our own home.  It dawned on us that we were so close in it not happening and Becky really helped us with the approval process.   It was a very stressful time and we made it through and I would recommend Becky to all others looking to purchasing a home, she knows all the rules and regulations and attends trainings to keep informed about the whole real-estate business.

She is a great real-estate agent!!