May 22, 2008


My husband and I started falling behind on our house payments with circumstances beyond our control. Becky became involved and told us that we had time to sell the house. Becky went above and beyond to help us when people wanted to look at the house. We have a Doggie and we didn't want anyone getting bit coming into the house. When my husband or I couldn't get the dog out of the house because we were at work, Becky came and got the little guy so the house could be shown. When papers had to be filed, Becky took time out of her day to file papers that we had to have for the sale. Anytime I called with questions she always answered them and if she didn't know the answer she would find them out. I love Becky's drive and her work ethic. If something didn't look appealing (like the long rug that hid the hard wood floors in our kitchen) she told us. And we did get lots of compliments on how beautiful the floors were, During the process, there were times where I thought that every thing wasn't going to work out, but Becky assured me that the process that we were going thru was what it was. She was right. Not only was Becky honest with me and my husband, she was someone I trust. I never felt that I was second. I was always first. I was always taken care of. My questions were always answered. I believe that Becky truly enjoys what she does and because of that I tell everyone about my friend and Real Estate Lady, Becky Flowers!

We Love You,
Brian and Rachel Brozovich


4234 Flanders, Denver, CO


CO/Listed w/One Realty,

I facilitated Short Sale.